We are looking for postdocs to work with systems and biochemical approaches to understand how RBPs work together and how neurons can generate their mRNA distribution patterns. Please check out the Jobs-Section on this webpage.


Our new paper describing two new matrix screening techniques is out !

We can now do many cool things as simultaneous interaction-domain determination and many-by-many protein-RNA interaction screening!




Julia Grawenhoff got a Severo-Ochoa FPI PhD fellowship to join our lab in spring 2018. Welcome Julia !



Sebastian Baumann got a Juan de la Cierva postdoc fellowship to continue his promising work in our lab. Congratulations Sebastian!


Artem joined the lab. He won a LaCaixa-PhD fellowship and he will focus on developing ex-vivo tools to understand mRNP dynamics and function. Welcome, Artem !


03 / 2016

Our lab won an HFSP Young Investigator Grant together with the labs of Ivo Telley, Martin Loose and Timothy Saunders.


11 / 2015

Andrea joins the lab on a Severo Ochoa PhD fellowship – Welcome Andrea


10 / 2015 

We were awarded the Europa Excelencia grant of the Spanish MINECO


06 / 2015

Sebastian Baumann got a Marie-Curie fellowship – Congratulations !


04 / 2015

Lorenzo joined the lab to carry out a 6 month Leonardo Student project – Welcome !!!

01 / 2015

SebastianB joined the lab as a Postdoc – Welcome Sebastian !

09 /2014

Bogumilla started her PhD in our lab, supported by an LaCaixa fellowship, welcome !



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