Bogumiła Jagiełło

2014-07-18 10.37.47


My project focuses on the localization system of the oligodendrocytic mRNA of Myelin Basic Protein (MBP). MBP enables formation of the myelin sheath, which is essential for prober functioning of the nervous system. I want to investigate how MBP mRNA is coupled to the machinery that transports RNPs containing MBP mRNA into oligodendrocytes processes. I’m using in vitro approaches to reconstitute complexes in Total Internal Reflection-Microscopy (TIRF-M) assays to gain mechanistic understanding.


Since 2014: PhD student at CRG in Maurer Group
2013 – 2014: Master student at EMBL Heidelberg in Typas Lab
2012 – 2014: MSc in Biomedical Science and Technology, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany
2009 – 2012: BSc in Biotechnology, University of Gdansk, Poland


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