EB_physicalOur mission is to understand the basic principles of RNA-cytoskeleton interactions. These interactions are essential for the spatial regulation of gene expression – a conserved mechanism allowing cells to configure different cellular regions for specialized functions. Our approach combines systematic discovery strategies with biophysical bottom-up reconstitution techniques. We develop new matrix-screening approaches to discover direct interactions between RNA binding proteins and mRNAs or RNA binding proteins and microtubule-binding proteins, such as molecular motors. This helps us to understand how mRNAs and the cytoskeleton can interact. In parallel, we study single reconstituted, dynamic RNA-protein complexes to dissect how mRNA distributions found in cells are generated through the dynamic interplay of motor proteins, RNA binding proteins, and mRNAs.

The MaurerLab is located at CRG Barcelona within the Cell and Developmental Biology department. We are equipped with our own multi-color Total-Internal-Reflection-Microscope which is an essential part of the quantitative approach to biology we take in the lab.