We are looking for a PhDs students (Chemist, Physicist or Biologist) to work on one of these projects:

PhD project: Function of RBP-complexes in neuronal mRNA transport

Our lab has developed a new many-by-many screening technology to understand which protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions form the basis of neuronal mRNA transport complexes. We are looking for a PhD student to start in 2019 to continue the development and application of our new screening technologies. The project involves yeast genetics, next-generation-sequencing and bioinformatics. Prior knowledge in some of these techniques including experience with Matlab or R are considered a big plus.

If you are motivated to drive new method development and address long-standing questions surrounding mRNA transport and RNA-protein interactions in general, don’t hesitate to write and apply through CRG’s PhD Program Call.

PhD project: Biochemistry of neuronal mRNA transport

We are looking for a PhD student to start as soon as possible to work on neuronal mRNA-transport processes. We have recently identified a kinesin-based minimal system that can drive neuronal mRNA transport in cell-free in vitro assays. We are now extending this line of research with the goal to understand how different mRNA transport systems are assembled and regulated. The position requires experience in protein and RNA-biochemistry, fluorescent microscopy and quantitative analysis of imaging data.

If you are motivated to dissect the mechanics that create neuronal mRNA distribution patterns, please write and apply through CRG’s PhD Program Call.